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  • Science : Human Interest

  • 3 x 43' or 3 x 52' (Three part Documentary)

    Shot in 4K resolution, mastered in HD - M & E

    The story of Homo Sapiens, the miraculous survivor! Cambridge anthropologist Niobe Thompson and multiple Gemini winning filmmaker (The Perfect Runner, Code Breakers, Inuit Odyssey) takes us on a journey of discovery in the footsteps of our human ancestors to unlock the mystery of our unlikely survival and miraculous emergence as the world’s only global species. Breakthroughs in genetics, climate research and archeology are redrawing our knowledge of human origins at breathtaking speed. In a series of expeditions to some of the world’s most remote cultures including the world’s last freediving sea nomads, the Crocodile People of Papua New Guinea, Bushmen of the Kalahari and reindeer herders of the Russian Arctic, Dr. Thompson gives us a never-before-seen view of our species’ past. Filmed over 18 months in 4K resolution across 5 continents, featuring drone and helicopter-mounted RED aerials, extensive underwater and Phantom slow-motion footage, and a live-recorded symphonic score.
    "The scientific equivalent of a creation story for humankind. Indescribable but brilliant! Part eye-popping nature program and part anthropology..." GLOBE & MAIL
    "Canada’s answer to David Attenborough... It’s a spectacular-looking film." MACLEANS MAGAZINE
    "A fascinating and engagingly accessible exploration of human evolution." WINNIPEG FREE PRESS
    "Thompson keeps the scientific subject matter light and energetic...ensuring the cinematography is nothing short of stunning and never allowing a chat with an archeologist to turn excessively cerebral." FAST FORWARD WEEKLY
    Shot in 4K resolution, mastered in HD

    Produced by: ClearWater Documentary Inc. ©2015

    World outside Canada, USA, Germany