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  • Human Interest

  • 52'

    HD - M & E

    Behind the pigeon’s seemingly mindless doddering, pecking and plodding is a secret life and a noble past. The film Secret Life of Pigeons gives a whole new perspective on these misunderstood urban creatures, revealing their complexity, intelligence and incredible contributions to human kind. As the world's first domesticated animal, pigeons have played the role of food source, entertainer, war hero and vital communicator for thousands of years. Today, they’re at the centre of urgent research projects dealing with navigation, human health, brain chemistry, DNA and even our own evolution. Even though often considered by many as ‘rats with wings’. Secret Life of Pigeons will set the record straight, recovering their former glory and capturing their lives in ways you’ve never seen them before.
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    Produced by: Sunday Night Entertainment ©2014

    World outside English Canada
    CBC "The Nature of Things"