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  • Public Affairs

  • 52' or 92'

    HD - M & E

    Smart, eye-opening and incendiary, The Price We Pay examines the timely issue of tax avoidance and exposes how tech giants like Google, Amazon and others of the "cloud" economy are eroding the foundations of the democratic state by using tax havens to stash trillions of dollars offshore and thus deprive governments of hundreds of billions in corporate-tax revenue each year. This practice is (arguably) legal - but is it fair? Assembling interviews with leading economists and academics from around the world (including Thomas Piketty, author of The New York Times bestseller Capital in the Twenty-First Century), award-winning director Harold Crooks (Surviving Progress) blows the lid off the dirty world of corporate malfeasance.
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    Produced by: Productions InformAction Inc. 2014

    World rights outside French Canada